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We have received a lot of new testimonials in the last few weeks.  We want to thank our customers for their enthusiasm about our product.     


If you wish to send us your feedback, please send an email to testimonials@jadeeggs.com




I was not very experienced and I wish I had know about the jade eggs long before.

It is not too late however. I am willing to share my experience with you if that can help someone out there

I lacked experience and confidence. After I started regular exercises all kind of things started to happen. It is like I must be carrying a halo of sexual confidence around myself. I swear, men donít look at me the same way they used to. Do like me, just do it! 

Sonia, Minnesota




If you told me not so long ago that I would have that many orgasms and that my lovemaking experiences would take this turn, I would have said dream on.

I can now control my orgasms and nearly have them happen at will.

This has done so much for me, I am grateful 

Patricia, Maine



Lets face it, they have the penis, when its up its up. So far men in my life were in control.  I didnít have many way of being sure of what I was doing or if it was effective or good for him. After I practiced with my eggs my lovemaking skills have improved so much that now I know what I do to him. I have this great feeling of becoming an expert. I would like for all of you to have the same satisfaction.




  I feel deeply grateful to have found the Jade Eggs, a purely luminous, and as I testify, a life-changing tool.  I received the Queen set for my 27th birthday from my fiancee.  At first I was just astonished by the beauty of each individual egg, holding and admiring the smoothed jade.  The excitement of experimenting with the different sizes and techniques you have supplied me with is always new and the progress is felt right away.  Immediate benefits of using the eggs (it is the most regular exercise I do!) are permeating my whole healthy being, and our sex life is blossoming.   Iíd like to share my experience with others, and with you who made it possible,




I am at the receiving end of a wonderful turn of events.

My girl friend has always been very creative and inventive in her lovemaking.

Since she has practice religiously with her jade eggs she has given me these incredible lovemaking sessions. She is now able to bring me to climax and herself to orgasm with almost no body movements from either one of us. She can do this at will solely with pressure along my shaft. This has become one of our new gamesÖ 

Victor Colorado



            I often feel it is a healthy luxury to use these Jade Eggs, inspired by an intriguing ancient innovation in my own home.  When I am in locked in my bedroom, with the kids out playing, I can relax and dream that I am truly an empress while using these elegant and sexy tools.  My husband loves it when I let him insert different sizes.  We like to play with the Eggs together, even as a prelude to extraordinary lovemaking which climaxes to deep orgasms.  I was feeling like an asexual thing, being 47 years old with three kids, leaving stretching and the whole works on my body.  Nowadays, I am feeling like a sensual and desirable woman again-  I am tight again, and even my skin has improved.  Your miraculous little eggs have transformed my life- thank you!

    CG, Toronto




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